Yiyuan automatic feeder adopts 360-degree feeding spraying, which has a large feeding area and uniform feeding, which helps farmers save time and manpower. The feed unloading motor can be reversed when the feed is stuck to ensure stable loading of the feed. Al controls feeding time and feeding period, which can be accurate to hours, minutes and seconds.

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● Quality :
   Yiyuan using the best quality material and
   automatic production 100% full test for all yiyuan products.

● Performance:
   Yiyuan consider the farmer working enviement to design
   the paddle wheel setting to perform the best result in famring.

● Efficiency :
   yiyuan production equiptment always reach the ideal accuracy to
   perform the best efficiency to lower farmer production cost .

 360 Degree Feed spraying , Large Feeding Area , Feed Spray Even.
 Stable Feed Loading , Feed Loading Motor Can Reverse Once Get Stuck.
 16 Section Timing control, & 24 Hrs Stop and Run Function ,allow user adjust feeding habit as wished.
 Float Slice installed . Prevent Feed stay on Float.


POWER 220V/380V

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually feeding your shrimp and worrying about uneven distribution of feed? Look no further, as the Yiyuan Intelligent Feeding Machine for Shrimp is here to revolutionize the way you manage your shrimp farming operation. This cutting-edge automatic feeder is designed to provide a hassle-free and efficient feeding solution, allowing you to save time, manpower, and resources while ensuring optimal growth and health of your shrimp.

The Yiyuan automatic feeder is equipped with a state-of-the-art 360-degree feeding spraying system, which offers a large feeding area and ensures uniform distribution of feed. This innovative feature not only eliminates the need for manual feeding but also guarantees that every shrimp in the pond receives the necessary nourishment, promoting consistent growth and development. With the ability to cover a wide feeding area, this intelligent feeding machine is a game-changer for shrimp farmers looking to streamline their feeding process and maximize productivity.

One of the standout features of the Yiyuan feeder is its feed unloading motor, which can be reversed in case of feed blockage. This ensures a stable and continuous loading of feed, preventing any disruptions in the feeding process and maintaining a consistent supply of nutrition for your shrimp. With this advanced mechanism in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your shrimp will always have access to the feed they need for healthy and robust growth.

In addition to its superior feeding capabilities, the Yiyuan Intelligent Feeding Machine for Shrimp offers precise control over feeding time and feeding periods. Farmers can set the feeding schedule with accuracy down to hours, minutes, and even seconds, allowing for customized feeding routines tailored to the specific needs of their shrimp. This level of control not only optimizes the feeding process but also contributes to efficient resource management, ensuring that feed is dispensed in a controlled and strategic manner.

Furthermore, the intelligent control system of the Yiyuan feeder enables seamless programming and monitoring of feeding operations, giving farmers the flexibility to adjust settings and parameters as needed. This user-friendly interface empowers farmers to fine-tune the feeding process according to changing environmental conditions and shrimp growth stages, ultimately leading to improved feed efficiency and overall farm performance.

In conclusion, the Yiyuan Intelligent Feeding Machine for Shrimp is a game-changing solution for modern shrimp farming operations. By combining advanced technology with practical functionality, this innovative feeder offers a comprehensive approach to automated feeding, ensuring optimal nutrition delivery, time savings, and operational efficiency. Whether you are a small-scale shrimp farmer or managing a large commercial operation, the Yiyuan feeder is poised to elevate your farming experience and drive success in the aquaculture industry. Say goodbye to manual feeding hassles and embrace the future of intelligent shrimp feeding with the Yiyuan automatic feeder.

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