1. 280-420 Super Wide Voltage Range, Perfect Performance in Unstable Voltage Area.

2. Super Efficiency, Higher Pumping Capacity, Larger Water Splash, High Dissolved Oxygen.

3. No Gearbox Design, Saving the Inconvenience of Lubricating Oil Changing. 4.Multi-usage, Suitable for Shrimp, Fish, Eel, Crab.

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● Quality :
   Yiyuan using the best quality material and
   automatic production 100% full test for all yiyuan products.

● Performance:
   Yiyuan consider the farmer working enviement to design
   the paddle wheel setting to perform the best result in famring.

● Efficiency :
   yiyuan production equiptment always reach the ideal accuracy to
   perform the best efficiency to lower farmer production cost .



Super Wide Voltage Range100% Waterproof DesignBest Cost Performance.


Integrated impeller

Highlmpact PP PlasticlnjectionMolding,Larger Water Splash,Strong Dissolved Oxygen Rate.


Simple style float

One Time Injected HDPE Material,Higher Strength.Stronger FloatingEasy To Packaging And Transport.



Horse Power 1.5kW ( 2HP )
Voltage 380V
Electric Phase 3PH
Frequency 50HZ
Power Efficiency 1.92kg / KW.h
Oxygen Value 2.60kg/h

Introducing the YIYUAN SURGE AERATOR, a revolutionary solution for maintaining optimal water conditions in aquaculture settings. With its 280-420 super wide voltage range, this aerator delivers perfect performance even in unstable voltage areas, ensuring consistent and reliable operation regardless of the electrical environment. This feature makes the YIYUAN SURGE AERATOR an ideal choice for aquaculture facilities located in regions with fluctuating power supply, providing peace of mind to farmers and operators.

One of the standout features of the YIYUAN SURGE AERATOR is its super efficiency, which translates to higher pumping capacity and larger water splash. This not only enhances the aeration process but also results in high levels of dissolved oxygen in the water, creating an optimal environment for aquatic life. The increased oxygen levels contribute to healthier and more vibrant shrimp, fish, eel, and crab, promoting better growth and overall well-being.

Innovatively designed with a no gearbox feature, the YIYUAN SURGE AERATOR eliminates the need for lubricating oil changes, saving users the inconvenience and maintenance costs associated with traditional aerators. This design not only streamlines operation but also reduces the overall maintenance requirements, allowing aquaculture professionals to focus on their core activities without the hassle of frequent equipment upkeep.

Versatility is another key attribute of the YIYUAN SURGE AERATOR, as it is suitable for a wide range of aquatic species. Whether it's shrimp, fish, eel, or crab, this aerator is designed to cater to diverse aquaculture needs, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution for farmers and aquaculture businesses.

In conclusion, the YIYUAN SURGE AERATOR is a game-changer in the aquaculture industry, offering unparalleled performance, efficiency, and versatility. Its ability to operate seamlessly in unstable voltage areas, coupled with its high pumping capacity, large water splash, and low maintenance requirements, makes it a must-have for aquaculture facilities seeking to optimize their water conditions and maximize the health and growth of their aquatic stock. With the YIYUAN SURGE AERATOR, aquaculture professionals can elevate their operations and achieve superior results with ease and confidence.

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